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2022 Workshop on Birds in Jeju

22-04-06 조회수: 512

<2022 Workshop on Birds in Jeju>

When: 1-3p.m., Saturday, April 9, 2022
Where: Hot Pink Dolphins Center (5-7 Dowan-ro 17 street, Daejeung-eup, Seogwipo City, Jeju Province)

What to be presented:

1. Cases of wild birds damage by human in Jeju.: Mr. Heeman Kang
2. Why did I publish a scientific journal paper and a book on the Little ringed Plover? : Dr. Yong-chang Jang
3. Observation of unrecorded birds in Jeju (2009-2022): Dr. Eun-mi Kim
4.  Birding Abroad: A Canadian's experience birdwatching in Korea: Mr. Leslie Hurteau
5. My heart to love birds: Mr. Jeong-won Kim

* Some presentations given in Korean shall be summarized in English.

A birds-tour shall be guided from 3p.m. around Daejeung-eup.

Contact: Dr. Yong-chang Jang (Mobile: 010-9904-5224,

Thank you for posting the information. I'm looking forward to the meeting.  

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