Jeju Wildlife Research Centre, Inc

Objectives of establishment

Jeju Wildlife Research Centre, Inc., a non-governmental and non-profitable organization, incorporated under the Jeju
Provincial Government of South Korea, was established with the objectives to protect wildlife of Jeju Island by
researching the wildlife and its ecology, making people know the research result, and by educating the value of the


The members of the Centre made a small group named “Jeju Birdwatchers’ Group” in 2003. The Centre obtained its
present name and status when incorporating under the Jeju Provincial Government in 2007.

Main activities

- Research of the wildlife in Jeju Island
- Research of the wildlife in islets near Jeju Island, including Marado Island.
- Environmental education and birdwatching guide
- Inspiring people to realize the ecological value of Jeju
- Making environmental educational materials
- Cooperation with local, national, and international organizations

Contacts Mr. Yong-chang Jang (mobile: 010-9904-5224)
Postal Address: #302, 1171-3, Eedo2-dong, Jeju City, Jeju Province, South Korea.

How to use this website

(1) Joining

You can be a legal member of this Centre by joining this society and by contributing certain amount of membership fee.
A legal member has certain rights including right to vote for making important decisions of this Centre.
You can also be an online member of this Centre by joining this society through this website. An online member is not
required to make any contribution.
Every online/legal member is always welcomed to participate in all the activities of the Centre.
And every member is fully encouraged to share their own pictures and information through this website.
Although Korean members write in Korean, they can read what you write in English.
In order to join, please click the JOIN menu, and fill some information required.

(2) Use of the information and pictures.

legal member can use any picture and information in this website. But, in order to protect the copyright of the picture
and information, we recommend that agreement of the author should be sought before the picture or information is used
for public or commercial purpose.

Important species

The Centre is interested in almost all the species of life in Jeju including birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians,
insects and plants. Among them are species that require international interest including:
Sibynophis coolaris Black-headed Snake
Platalea minor Black-faced Spoonbill
Locustella pleskei Styan's Grasshopper Warbler
Kaloula borealis Narrow-mouth frog
Grus monacha Hooded Cranes
Capreolus capreolus Roe Deer
Ciconia boyciana White stork
Hirundo rustica House Swallow

Menus of this website are written in Korean.
But, please don’t worry and don’t hesitate to write in English. We can still read your English language through this website.

Postal Address: (P.690-022) #302, 1171-3, Eedo2-dong, Jeju City, Jeju Province, South Korea. Contact: Mr. Yong-chang Jang